The Second World War was a conflict in which Hitler (A VERY BAD MAN) fought against the Americans, Russians British, Polish, Jewish, French, well basically everyone and lost. It started out with Hitler rousing his troops about how the Jews were stealing all the money and that was the reason why Germany couldn't pay off it's debts from WWI. This was actually an excuse to feed Hitlers maniacal brain's needs for world domination. After rounding up the Jews and throwing them into camps, Hitler invaded Poland and killed all of their Jews. At this point, Hitler thought invading the rest of Europe would be great. He became allies with both mafia-run Italy and Imperial Japan. Well, Hitler had hardly any troops and they were all over Europe. Smart. So then invading Britain was necessary. Bombs were dropped all over England, but somehow they Brits through him out. Now thats a problem. When the English army throws you out its time to quit. Meanwhile, of their own accord, the Japanese blindly attacked a US naval base on Pearl Harbor. Well fuck. Now we have to help. Then Hitler and Stalin signing an agreement not to attack each other, but then Hitler STABBED OUR LEADER (Stalin) IN THE BACK. He invaded Russia, and our glorious leader retaliated with swift and admirable actions, throwing the Nazis out of the Motherland. So we fight in Japan, and then Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill come up with a plan to kill a shit-ton of people. Take as many 18 year olds as we have and invade Normandy. Guess what? IT WORKED. Canada (what the fuck? CANADA?), England, and the US fought for an hour and lost 10,000 men. So we're fucking fighting our way towards Germany and in Japan while the Russians killed the Nazis on the Eastern front. The dumbass Nazis get trapped in Germany and the Japanese get fucked by the US. In the end, the Russians burned Berlin to the ground (HAHA), and the pansy Hitler commited suicide. Berlin was split in half, and out of the blue the Cold War began.

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